REALdeal – CMA’s with the Buyer in Mind

When a seller approaches a Selling Agent they will often be presented with a Comparative Market Analysis (CMA), an approximation of the price they may be able to sell their property for. It is then the Selling Agent’s job to sell the property at the highest price with the shortest time-on-market.

To get an idea of the value of a property the buyer can check sites such as REALas or OnTheHouse. Alternatively, the buyer may employ a Registered Valuer. Unfortunately, checking the web for house price predictions is highly speculative, gives only a broad range and does not provide in depth information; while employing a valuer is expensive and likely to be done after a sale price has been agreed upon.

Comparative Market Analysis for the Buyer

To solve this problem we offer the Comprehensive Market Analysis for the BUYER similar to that the seller is provided with from the Selling Agent, however, with the Buyer in Mind.

Sample CMA for Buyer

Strategic Approach

If you are interested in a property we suggest you research the property first using FREE online services such as REALas or OnTheHouse. Following that, if you’ve done an inspection and you are interested in the property you may wish to obtain a FREE Comparative Market Analysis from us by completing the Online Request bellow.