GetREAL – Property Prices with the Buyer in Mind

GetREAL is a Property Index, which measures confidence in real estate markets and perceived volatility using REAL Peoples’ understanding of supply and demand, value, and other macro-economic indicators.

How does GetREAL work?

Using current local area market data in conjunction with the GetREAL Property Index we are able to provide you with predictive data to inform your purchasing decision. In plain English, you will know what people really think of the real estate market.

Become part of the GetREAL shift!

You can be part of making the property market a fairer place by completing the GetREAL Property Index Survey. Click the link bellow and tell us what you think. The survey is only 10 questions long and takes no more than 5 minutes to complete.

GetREAL Property Index SURVEY

Outcomes and What they mean!

The table bellow shows the GetREAL Confidence INDEXES for June 2018. They predict the Buyer REALdeal Adjustment per $100K for each of the markets. This is the amount the buyer can factor in as either a Vendor DISCOUNT or RISE potential in the market.

Market GetREAL Index REALdeal Adjustment
Adelaide  -0.030 -3000
Brisbane  -0.015  -1500
Gold Coast  -0.028  -2800
Melbourne  -0.010  -1000
Perth  -0.015  -1500
Sydney  -0.015  -1500

Want to know the REALdeal for a specific property?

Find out more at our REALdeal page!!!